CAP-Malaria Leadership

Soy Ty Kheang, Chief of Party

Dr. Soy Ty KheangDr. Soy Ty has more than twenty years of experience in international public health, more than half devoted to malaria prevention and treatment in his home country. He joined URC in 2007 as the Chief of Party for the Malaria Control in Cambodia (MCC) Project, which ended in November 2011. Under his direction, MCC achieved notable successes in implementing innovative programs to reach groups at risk of contracting malaria. For example, the project strengthened the village malaria network, training and deploying hundreds of health workers to villages throughout Cambodia. The health workers screened villagers thought to have malaria using rapid diagnostic tests, provided treatment when necessary, and educated their communities about sleeping under bednets to prevent malaria infection. He has also innovated with his team on engaging health education through taxi drivers and nets lending scheme for migrant workers and their family members. Prior to joining URC, Dr. Soy Ty was the Deputy Medical Coordinator for Infectious Diseases with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) in Cambodia. He began his career as a medical doctor. He earned his Master of Science degree in disease control from the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp and a medical degree from the University of Health Sciences in Phnom Penh.

Darin Kongkasuriyachai, Deputy Chief of Party, Thailand Country Director

Dr. Darin Kongkasuriyachai serves as CAP-Malaria’s Deputy Chief of Party and also manages the project’s cross-border activities between Thailand and neighboring Burma and Cambodia. She has ten years of experience in malaria research and development in the United States and Thailand. Prior to joining URC, she worked with the Ministry of Science and Technology, and other non-government entities on education and development projects throughout rural Thailand, including provinces near the Thai-Laos border with settlements of Laotian-ethnic minorities. In addition to strategic planning and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of programs, Dr. Kongkasuriyachai trained teachers and school administrators, designed educational materials, and formed partnership with local universities to support program objectives. Dr. Kongkasuriyachai has a PhD from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

May Aung Lin, Burma Country Director

Dr. May Aung Lin has over thirty years of experience in the health sector in Burma, employed by public facilities, private companies, and NGOs. He most recently worked as the National Coordinator for CESVI, in charge of planning, implementing, and monitoring malaria projects. He spent the early years of his career working for the Ministry of Health in malaria control, providing training, managing staff, and conducting research into drug-resistant malaria as a malariologist. He also worked as a medical provider at public health facilities in remote areas in Burma, as well as with private sector companies such as Maersk, Shell, and Total, providing medical services to their employees. Dr. May received his medical degree from the Institute of Medicine in Yangon and Masters in Public Administration from the Institute of Economics.

Sokomar Nguon, Cambodia Country Director

Dr. Sokomar has more than ten years of experience in implementation and close collaboration with international health projects at district and provincial levels in Cambodia. He most recently worked as the Malaria Technical Officer at the National Center for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control (CNM) Ministry of Health of Cambodia where he coordinated activities funded by the Global Fund and the Gates Foundation. He has also held leadership positions with the MOH at the provincial level and worked with NGOs. As the Deputy Director of the Provincial Health Department of Oddar Meanchey, he led health-related activities in the province and ensured provision of health services. As the Director of the Oddar Meanchey Provincial Hospital he managed the hospital and coordinated activities with the Provincial Health Department, Operational Health District, Health Centers, and partners. Dr. Sokomar assisted the Project Co-director of a Belgium Technical Cooperation (BTC) project in Siem Reap and Oddar Meanchey provinces focused on performance contracting, health equity funds, quality improvement, capacity building and institutional development. He also worked with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) as a senior medical officer, working with hospitals in the border areas of Cambodia and Thailand. Dr. Sokomar received his medical degree in Phnom Penh and his MPH from the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium.

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