World Malaria Day 2014 – Thailand

CAP-Malaria Thailand

World Malaria Day 2014 –The PMI/USAID Control and Prevention of Malaria (CAP-Malaria) project co-organized Malaria Day events targeted villages in Thailand and Cambodia during April and May 2014, and in Burma during June 2014.

In Thailand, Malaria Day event is a locally driven activity where PMI/USAID CAP-M project together with local implementing partners organized Malaria-focused activities in selected villages throughout the month of April. 

These commemorative Malaria Day events serve to promote awareness among local officials and remind residents of the existing malaria risks in the local communities in a friendly atmosphere.  The activitiesaim to mobilize community to participate in malaria control and prevention efforts within their own household through positive behaviors and within their communities by helping to promote awareness to their neighbors.

Malaria screening and distribution of LLINs are conducted to increase intervention coverage.  To engage communities, implementing partners organized many BCC and health communication activities during the World Malaria Day events. Promotional T-shirts and banners with malaria messages emphasizing positive behaviors in malaria prevention and awareness of malaria risk behavior are emphasized throughout all the activities. Malaria-edutainment activities are organized to engage participation from the community members.

In Ban Pakkard and Ban Laem, Chanthaburi, A Malaria Film Festival was set up to the delight of local children who spend hours in the make-shift “CAP-M” movie theater.  Photo booth service offered free portraits with malaria BCC message caption for participants for keepsakes.

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BCC Materials for Malaria High Risk Population in Chanthaburi Province, Thailand

BCC thailandBCC material is extremely important to reinforce malaria messages among high risk population after getting face to face education. In another word, it is useful for raising malaria awareness of people who stay at the remote areas where there is a limited accessing to mass media.


The pictures show the interest of people who were reading the malaria pamphlets for better understanding on malaria, October 2013,Banplaeng Moo 6 Nongtakong sub-district Pongnamron district Chanthaburi.


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CAP-Malaria Distributed LLINs in Myanmar

children reading leafletCAP-Malaria conducted LLINs distribution in Moe Kyauk Kyi Twin Village,Toungup (TaungGoke) Township,Rakhine State on September, 2013. While distributing the LLINs to the targeted population, malaria health education session was performed, that allowed them to understand the key malaria messages, particularly about proper use of the LLIN. In addition, BCC materials were also distributed including the leaflet promoting the LLIN use message.


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Malaria health education for cross-border Cambodian migrant worker

Malaria Health Education to Cambodian Migration worker in Thailand


The areas along the Thai-Cambodia border have been found as the place where malaria drug resistance firstly emerged. The spreading of malaria resistant parasites is the hot issue which has been debated. Regarding to this, the dynamic movement of cross-border migrant workers strongly associated with the issue because they are the prospective parasite carriers. Contributing to overcome this concern, CAP-Malaria has taken for granted working with partners and counterparts to educate cross-border migrants though various communication channels. The picture shows the malaria education to Cambodian migrant workers activity performed byVector Borne Disease Unit staff using flipchart developed by the project and BVBD,Banlaem, Chanthaburi, Thailand on mid-October 2013.


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Annual Operational Plan 2014 Workshop

Picture 012 smallThe Cambodian National Malaria Control Program, Provincial-Districts teams, and stakeholders organized a workshop, October 9, 2013, in Siem Reap province to draft a comprehensive annual operational plan (AOP-2014). 30 participants from health centers, hospitals, operational districts, provincial health departments of Siem Reap, BanteayMeanchey & OddarMeancheywere invited and actively participated in the workshop. It was quite constructive and a lot of inputs from all participants and related stakeholders.


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